The dust has now settled on the saga of the White Hat Hacker — who stole, then subsequently returned, $600 million worth of assets from Poly Chain.

This has once again raised questions around decentralised finance and security.

Who or what is protecting our assets in the DeFi space?

The decentralised finance space operates on open-source code. By nature with open-source code, the process of battle testing it is done in the wild. Every time there’s a hack, the code gets fixed and the next iteration of the code is more secure. …

Aaron Wright of the Open Law Project talking about Web3 incentivisation towards value provision

Imagine a system where people are rewarded based on their ability to provide value. The more effort, insight, talent and achievements you acquire, the more you should be rewarded — both financially and through social recognition. So, the higher you climb in any organisation shows the value you’ve provided and are able to provide. That is the core ideology of a meritocracy.

It’s such a “no duh” concept, we almost expect it to be happening everywhere and at every level, from small businesses to world governments. But is that really the case?

The term “meritocracy” is not one that is…

In our announcement blog we outlined the basic premise of why we are building Meryt, how the protocol is ‘meritocratic by design’ and the principal agents within the broader network.

In this article I will go into some detail explaining the first major use cases for Meryt: managing On-Chain Investment decisions.

With time, we envisage a wide range of use cases further afield than DeFi — after all, at the highest level, almost everything any project, organisation and DO does is about making decisions about how to allocate resources.

And if you look at crypto as evolutionary-level technology allowing levels…

If you are a Pynk Crowd member you will have received an email last week explaining the exchange process for converting your earned Wisdom Points (WP’s) to shares of the first Pynk trading vehicle (a UK registered company).

This is an exciting step for the project and is the first time we have realised our vision of a tech co-operative; powered by everyday investors, for everyday people.

The exchange process runs on quarterly cycles and, since this is the first, is an opportune moment to remind Crowd members (aka Pynksters) in the value to them; both in monetary and non-monetary…

Seth Ward | CEO/Founder @

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We’re living in a time of increasing decentralisation.

It’s being proven over and over that large, unwieldy, centralised structures lead to inefficiencies, resistance to change and systems that don’t meet the needs of society.

Take finance.

Over the last decade people have been enabled to create their own money and safely store and send it anywhere in the world without requiring us to trust governments or banks.

We’ve seen how badly that can go and a few individuals decided to do something about it.

They created Bitcoin.

This technology is opening up all kinds…

Seth Ward | CEO/co-founder

Three really is the magic number here at Pynk.

If you spend any time with us you’ll see it popping up again and again (and again).

Starting with the three forms of intelligence we use to make better investment decisions (Crowd Wisdom + Artificial Intelligence + Expert Insight).

We also have three different ways to invest, over three different time horizons.

1) SHORT TERM: Active Trading

The ‘sharp edge to our blade’ and the focus of our Alpha and Beta products is Active Trading.

This is where we make daily or weekly trades on the futures…

Seth Ward | CEO/Co-founder,

I always find it fascinating to watch new technologies emerge.

The way that people react to their development and introduction into business and everyday life encompasses the whole range of human emotions.

With any technology that has real impact, you will inevitably hear predictions from the extreme of human extinction at one end, to a new era of enlightenment or utopia at the other.

The most extreme negative reactions are generally based on fear, and you’ll see a split in the type of people on each side. And it’s somewhat influenced by age.

As Douglas…

Seth Ward

Serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder (, impact investing enthusiast & believer in new ways of doing everything.

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